Use Hotmail customer support to Reset Your Password



What you need to do for resetting your Hotmail password and creating a new one?

You might have known that passwords are case-sensitive, so make sure that caps lock is turned on before changing or resetting your password. If it doesn't work then first of all, go to the Hotmail password reset page and select forgot my password that you can find below what problem are you facing while signing in? You will find various options to reset your password such as email, SMS, security question, trusted PC and customer support.

If you choose to select email option then you will receive an email at secondary email id that has been provided with your account. You need to click on the link which you will get inside secondary email for resetting your password.

If we talk about SMS option, you can use your mobile phone for the verification of your account. For this, you are required to choose SMS and Microsoft will send you a code at your mentioned mobile phone.

Other than this, if you have followed security question then make sure to select security question which is available below and select an option to reset your password. After this, you need to type the answer of the question appeared after the question. Click next and type a new password and retype the suggested new password. Click continue and done.

Coming to next, you can make use of trusted PC option for Hotmail Password Recovery if you have activated this option and use private PC every time you login. For this option, providing additional information is not required in order to verifying your account.

Lastly, if nothing helps and nothing works out. If you are not able to resolve your problem yourself within a day or so then it's time to contact and take of help Hotmail support to sort out the concerned issue.

If you are choose Hotmail customer support option for hotmail password recovery, you can get in touch with a customer representative to resolve major problem. Customer representative may ask you various questions about your account during validation process to prove your ownership.

Now let’s discuss how to recover a lost Hotmail password if you have not provided secondary address or security question:-

If you have not provided secondary email linked with your Hotmail account as well as security question, all you need to do is open Hotmail account recovery form and enter your Hotmail email address. Also, you should type an email address apart from the email you are trying to recover below the contact email. After that, just click continue. It is required to provide all the possible details so that Hotmail support can undoubtedly connect you to your account.